5 Not-So-Little-Things That Matter Big for Customer Satisfaction [Retention Rock Stars: Part 4]

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There’s a phrase I aim to live by: Never stop trying to get the little things in life right, first.

Think of your Agency as your home.  Think of your customers like family. When family visits your home, or you speak to family over the phone, what do those interactions look and sound like?

Customers leave corporations, but they remain loyal to friends and family. The five customer satisfaction ideas we’re sharing in this blog are not net-new ideas. They are something we are all capable of doing. 

The question is – are you doing them?  If you are, are you doing them consistently, every single person, every single time?

When you get the little things right first and do so with consistency, you will increase customer satisfaction and help more people in more ways, forever. Forever is the key to the retention your Agency depends on.


Here are 5 ways to improve customer satisfaction and make your customers feel like family:  

1. No second chances at first impressions

Within a customer’s first 30 seconds at your Agency, they will notice a few things: (A) Are the exterior grounds of your Agency clean?  (B) When they walk in, are the temperatures comfortable, aromas inviting, and lighting appropriate? (C) Are they greeted warmly and by name by a happy person?  You can control A, B, and C 100% of the time. Make sure you get those right every time2

2. Eliminate “Can I help you?” 

It’s a standard, robotic greeting that every customer hears every place they go.  We want to stand out and be different. Try these instead: 

“What brings you in today?”

“I’m so glad you stopped by to see us today?”

“How can I make your day better today?

3. Offer food and drink.

Perhaps it’s because I’m from a small Italian town, but I don’t ever remember walking into a family member’s house without food or drinks thrust upon me.  It wasn’t uncommon for my Grandmother to be throwing meatballs my way at 10 AM! People usually love a little mid-day snack. 

Have a supply of snacks available: chips, candies, chocolate, popcorn, or cookies; plus: coffee, water, and soft drinks. Now, within the first minute of a customer’s visit, the office looks inviting, your greeting makes them smile, and they are sitting with a snack and beverage. “I think I’m going to like it here.”

4. Think beyond the transaction.  

If you are familiar with our teachings, we say that it is our job to think beyond each transaction and find at least ONE additional area of opportunity during a service transaction. We don’t handle our customer interactions like robots. This is essential for providing significant value to every customer – and stand out from the crowd.

Once we finish with the transactions, we offer the customer a small gift, personalized with our Agency’s info. Calendars, notepads, and pens are most common and affordable. We also keep seasonal gifts available; ice scrapers in the winter and can koozies in summer. Whatever it is, no customer leaves empty-handed.

5. Gratitude. Always.

We saved the best for last. It’s short, simple, free and only two words: THANK YOU! But, we don’t mean a transactional thank you. It must be delivered with specific intent. After you present the customer with the small gift and the visit is ending, escort them to the door and express gratitude by looking them in the eye and saying one of these phrases:  

“Mary, we know you have plenty of options when it comes to insurance.  I want you to know we are grateful that you choose us.”

“Mary, we appreciate your trust and the support you give our Agency.”

“Mary, we’re so thankful to be able to help great people like you each day.”

It would be best if you customized the statements to fit your style and personality. But whatever words you choose, the point is that these are the last words your customer hears before leaving

Side note: This remains the same for conversations you have over the phone, too. Make these the last words spoken before hanging up (even when leaving a voicemail).


Let’s recap:

  • Your exterior grounds were clean.
  • Your interior was a comfortable temperature, well-lit, and had an inviting aroma.
  • You offered a unique greeting.
  • You provided the customer a snack and drink.
  • You demonstrated significant value by taking the time required to understand ALL of your customer’s needs.
  • You gave them a small gift.
  • You expressed gratitude before they left.


NONE of those bullet points are difficult to do. But are you doing them?  And are you doing them all – Every. Single. Time.

Doing the small things goes a very long way in taking care of your biggest asset–your customer. 

Satisfied customers are 80% 1 more likely to remain a customer for a more extended time.


1   https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2019/08/28/how-insurance-agencies-can-boost-customer-retention-by-95/?slreturn=20210910213136#:~:text=The%20average%20retention%20rate%20for%20the%20insurance%20industry%20is%2084,average%20by%2010%25%20or%20more.&text=Insurance%20agents%20can%20expect%20to,than%20retaining%20an%20old%20one.

Is your agency optimized?

Are you consistently:

  • Connecting with key community influencers
  • Posting on social media
  • Having team meetings
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Staying on top of industry updates

You know what to do; you just need a hand. That’s where we come in.

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