Gaining Customer Insurance Referrals During Onboarding [Rock Star Referral System – Part IV]

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Referrals via customer survey

As soon as you start the closing paperwork for a new customer, it’s time to initiate Phase 4 of the Rock Star Referral System, where you use the onboarding process to gain customer insurance referrals. 

Get The Phone Out

If you want the names and phone numbers of someone’s friends and family, chances are they can be found on their phone. Knowing this, ask your customer to share a name or two of a friend or family.

Does your company offer an app your new customer can download? Have them download it. Also, let them know how to reach you. Remind the customer you can be reached 24/7/365; ask them to add your agency’s phone number to their contacts right then.

Satisfaction Survey

Ask the customer: based on their experience with you, are you worthy of being recommended to their friends and family? Ask them to share their experience on your Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Create a short, one-page survey. Ask simple questions. Here are some examples: 

    • Were the grounds and office clean?  
    • Were they greeted professionally? 
    • Were they offered a snack or beverage? 
    • Did their insurance professional help them understand how their policies work? 
    • Did the salesperson share stories about how insurance protection works? 
    • Were they offered solutions to all their needs? 
    • Would they recommend us to their friends and family?

These can be yes or no questions or on a rating scale. It’s your survey; ask whatever you like. But always end the survey asking if they would recommend you to friends and family.

Note: In this process, the survey is a paper survey. Electronic surveys are common and convenient, but for this process of capturing referrals effectively, a short paper survey is necessary.

Then, the remainder of the survey should include space for them to give you the names, relationships, and phone numbers/emails of the friends and family they said they’d recommend. Remember, this comes right after you asked them to enter your Agency phone number into their contacts, so their phones are already out.

The goal of the satisfaction survey is to accomplish two things:  

1) It explains that insurance is how you earn a living. 100% of your business comes from great people who share thoughts, feedback, and names of other great people they know.

2) Gain referrals they may not normally have offered.

After you sell yourself and the importance of the survey, leave the room so they are comfortable completing the survey. Give them time to complete it, and don’t step back into that room until they are finished.

The Warm Introduction

The final step to the onboarding process happens when you come back into the room and see names on the paper.

Next, you give this customer a separate one-pager prepared with the following words typed on it:

“I changed my insurance over to the [Name of your Agency]. They were awesome to work with, and I highly recommend you give them an opportunity to look at your insurance, too. I shared your number and asked them to give you a call. If you want to call [Agent name] sooner, here is their information.”

Below those words, you tape your business card (or include a digital image of your business card).

While you finish up the paperwork, kindly suggest to the customer that they take a picture of the one-pager so it’s stored handily in their phone. And better yet, text it to the folks they’ve referred to you. This way, they aren’t caught off guard when you call, and they have your information in advance.

This is what I refer to as a “warm introduction” in our highly digital world.

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When you take action on our complete Rock Star Referral System, you will easily earn 80-100 referrals each month. How could you not?

  • Your team will have a referral mindset and make referrals part of everything they do at the agency.
  • You will have 100 influential people in your community sending business your way.
  • You will eliminate your competition by having such a unique and memorable customer experience that you stand out from the crowd.
  • And finally, once a prospect turns into a customer, you will gain customer insurance referrals during onboarding. 

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  • Posting on social media
  • Having team meetings
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Staying on top of industry updates

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