Earn Insurance Referrals [Rock Star Referral System – Part I]

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At my Agency, everything we do and say is based on our desire to earn insurance referrals. Today we are starting a four-part series on how you can create your own Rock Star Referral System. 

It all starts with mindset. In this post, we will share 6 ways you and your team can get into the proper referral mindset each day so that referrals become second nature.


1. Shark & The Goldfish

The reason I share the story of the shark and the goldfish is that the reality is we can only be one or the other within our Agency. 

We can be the “goldfish” who sits around waiting to be fed. In Agency life this translates to the walk-ins, call-ins, mailers, internet leads, etc., that we hope come training in. Or, we can be “sharks” who go out and hunt for food. 

Sharks successfully complete the hunt by attacking four key areas that we’ll cover in this series. 


2. Burn Your Boats

If you and your army are looking to conquer an island you can leave the boats waiting on the shoreline knowing if the fight isn’t going in your favor you can retreat. Or, you can burn the boats and have no “Plan B.” 

When you choose to burn the boats you only have two choices: WIN or DIE. 

If you’re serious about referrals: shut down your mail, internet and other high-cost/low-return on investment marketing strategies. 

You’re a shark now, throw the goldfish food away.


3. Create a Compensation Plan that Forces the Team to EARN Insurance Referrals

It is a fact that top sales producers will always figure out a way to win and maximize their compensation plan. 

Knowing that, you need to create a plan that rewards your team for earning referrals and eliminates the fish who are looking to coast along for the ride.


4. Earned vs. Entitled

All success must be earned and it must be earned daily. 

We are not entitled to anything on this planet.  When we own this mentality we will remain hungry sharks. 

Think about those people who you personally refer to others.  Are they mediocre?  Or below average? No way! They are people who inspire you and impress you every time you contact them. 

So why should insurance producers think they can do the bare minimum, pick the low-hanging fruit, offer little to no value and then expect names and numbers of people’s inner circle in return?


5. Practice Makes Perfect

You must put in the work to become experts at rocking the referral process. 

Putting in the work is the ONLY way to earn confidence. 

Reading daily blogs, books and watching videos will not make you suddenly be an expert at earning referrals. 

You have to PRACTICE and it must be done daily. 

Challenge a teammate at your Agency to role play with you to get your daily practice in. Hold yourselves accountable for this task so you can begin to earn insurance referrals like crazy. 


6. Make Referrals a Part of Everything at the Agency

Every person that walks in or calls into our office for a quote hears the same six words: “Who referred you to our agency?” 

This sets an expectation that we are a 100% referral-based agency. 

We use the following nine words on all of our correspondence (business cards, e-mails, envelopes etc):  “The greatest compliment you can give is a referral.” 

This reinforces to people that we are a 100% referral-based agency. 

And finally, we end every single customer interaction (a phone call, a message on a machine or as we are walking customers out of the office) with these six words: “Please don’t keep us a secret.” 

This is a passive way of asking people to share their experience with us and expresses the tremendous value we can provide to their inner circle (ie, the referrals we get from them).


MUST WIN AREA #1 is possessing a referral mindset all day, every day. 


Be a shark, burn the boats, maximize compensation, earn the right to be recommended, practice daily and make referrals part of everything you do and say at the agency. This has worked for us to earn insurance referrals and it will work for you. 

Click here to dive into Must Win Area #2: Establishing a system around Centers of Influence. 

Is your agency optimized?

Are you consistently:

  • Connecting with key community influencers
  • Posting on social media
  • Having team meetings
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Staying on top of industry updates

You know what to do; you just need a hand. That’s where we come in.

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