Make Every Conversation Count: 10 Powerful Words to Use in Insurance Sales

words to use in insurance sales

As insurance producers, we talk to people all day long.

Do you pay attention to the words that you use?

When having sales conversations, it’s important to choose your words wisely. Our words can have a lasting effect, be they positive or negative. Have you considered exactly what message you wish to convey?

In this article, we share 10 powerful words to use in insurance sales. We share the reason they’re impactful and we provide an example. Incorporating these ten words into your everyday vocabulary will help you become more effective in your delivery and achieve your goal to write more policies.

  1. Amazing, Stunning, or Fascinating

Everybody wants to be AMAZED! It tugs on people’s emotions and makes them move to take action. If I told you a dinner or show was AMAZING or FASCINATING would you be more interested than if it was just good or even great?

  • Mr. Customer, I would like to meet with you to review some AMAZING opportunities we have for you at the Agency…

2. Avoid

FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out –  is real. People will take action to AVOID missing something quicker than they will to gain something. So use the word AVOID.

  • Mr. Customer, I would like to meet with you this week because it’s my job to help you AVOID the potential losses that we see so often at claims time.

3. Because

The word ‘because‘ explains the WHY behind the need for an individual to take action.

  • Mr. Customer, I need to meet with you this week BECAUSE we have seen an incredible amount of losses within our community recently. I would like to help you AVOID getting stuck in a bad situation.

4. First

Everybody wants to be FIRST. It shows priority… makes them a VIP.

  • Mr. Customer, I only have time in my schedule to meet with 20 customers this month. Before I fill in those time slots I wanted to call you FIRST!

5. Imagine

We sell products that help people when they need them the most. However, it’s not something people see, touch, feel, or smell. So they have to IMAGINE.

  • Mr. Customer, IMAGINE how AMAZING it will feel to know you are properly protected from all uncertainty.

6. Options

Nobody wants to be TOLD they have to do something. Everybody wants OPTIONS!

  • Mr. Customer, based on everything that you mentioned was important to you, it looks like I have many AMAZING OPTIONS for you to consider. So, the FIRST thing we will need to do is schedule a meeting time. How soon could you come in?

7. Simple

Who doesn’t want to simplify their life and make things easy? Due your due diligence and remind the prospect of just how SIMPLE working with you is!

  • Mr. Customer, now that you have designed and customized your protection plan the next step would be to put it into place today. That process will be super SIMPLE.

8. Solutions

The bottom line is people want SOLUTIONS to their biggest problems and they want answers to all of their questions.

  • Mr. Customer, based on what you’ve told me is important to you, I’ve come up with a few different SOLUTIONS that can fit your needs.

9. We 

Two letters…super powerful! WE, not ME. It lets the customer know that you two are in this thing together. When referring to your company it’s WE not THEY. When something needs to be done it’s WE, not YOU.

  • Mr. Customer, I’m so glad WE met today and I’m excited about servicing the AMAZING plan WE built together for many years to come!

10. Optimal

You hear me talk about opportunity optimization all the time. Well, the word OPTIMAL means THE BEST or MOST FAVORABLE. So, when you are speaking to a customer don’t you want the solutions to be the BEST?

  • Mr. Customer, based on the concerns you have shared with me, I was able to create the OPTIMAL SOLUTION. This allows you to AVOID potential failure risks. Together WE can get this AMAZING plan started today BECAUSE it’s extremely SIMPLE!

Insurance consumers want to believe we are selling them our knowledge and wisdom because the products we handle are not tangible goods that can be held. As you create your scripts for having conversations, incorporate these effective power words to use in insurance sales. They’re meant to instill a calming feeling as you say them… you’ll help your customers feel safe and taken care of.

Power on with these words to use in insurance sales. And if you run into objections, grab this resource to help you through.


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