Pressure-free Pivot Statement: Part 2 [emotion in sales]

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In our last blog post, we introduced pressure-free pivot statements. We talk a lot about transitioning from service to sales conversations and having the perfect pivot statements to make it happen smoothly. 

As a salesperson, we need the proper tools to do our job. Just as a painter has a paintbrush, a writer has a pen (or keyboard), and a carpenter has a slew of tools. A salesperson has their scripts and word choices. We take it a step further to say we have intentional word choices.

Fear of rejection often holds us back from transitioning from the service transaction to a sales opportunity. For our first pressure-free pivot, we gave you a perfect pivot statement that lessens the stress, effectively eliminating the rejection factor. 

Our second pressure-free pivot statement also puts the power in your, the salesperson’s, hands. This pivot focuses on a very specific phrase: “open-minded.”

If I ask you, “Are you an open-minded person?”

How will you answer? 

You’re going to say, “Yes, I am open-minded.” 

I think we all think that we’re open-minded to things. (Some more than others, I think we can all agree.)

When you create a transition or pivot from this phrase, you’re setting yourself up to, again, avoid rejection and pivot and present the opportunity to the customer or prospect.


“How open-minded would you be to….”

You’re removing the pressure because you’re attaching an emotion—the customer’s emotion—to the request. 


Here are a few examples of using this pivot:

“If I can show you a way to beef-up your asset protection without spending more than just a few cents a day, would you be open-minded to seeing how that works?”

“How open-minded would you be to hearing about a plan that not only protects your family today but will build cash for you in the future too. Is that something you’d be open-minded to? (using it twice in this case).


No one wants to say (or admit, should the case be) that they are not open-minded. It’s a pretty great hook.

We are aiming to move the meter in the middle. You are going to get people who are going to say yes to almost everything. You’re going to get people to say no to nearly everything. It’s that 80% in the middle that we want to move the meter with things.

Add this pressure-free pivot to your arsenal of transitions. Try it. Practice it. 

You are open-minded to try new tools, aren’t you? (Yes, we had to!)


Get More: Overcoming objections can be hard to get the hang of. We’ve designed these scripts to make it easy for anyone to pivot to get them interested.

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