Removing the Fear of Rejection: A Pressure-Free Pivot

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With Necole Carpenter, IAO Member Benefits Specialist
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Discover the secret to a smooth transition from service-based conversations to sales conversations in this episode. Necole Carpenter reveals an easy sales pivot that eliminates the fear of rejection and entices you to create curiosity, remove the pressure, and achieve a successful sales outcome.


easy sales pivot


Hi, this is Necole Carpenter, member benefit Specialist at Insurance Agency Optimization, and today I’m gonna be talking to you about a smooth transition for your sales conversations.

We talk a lot about transitioning from services to sales conversations. One of our main objectives at Insurance Agency Optimization is to take our basic conversations and to optimize the opportunity to a needs-based, value-based conversation. And we wanna do this smoothly. We aim to pivot flawlessly.

What’s the one thing that scares us the most in doing this? Rejection.

We live in a world where we’re constantly being told no and no. Not one of us likes to be denied or told ‘no’. Shut down in any way. We basically fear rejection.

It takes the perfect word track to transition from a transactional service to a sales conversation. It takes one that removes all pressure from the salesperson and softens and removes the possibility of rejection.

Thankfully, we have perfected two pivots that do this. We call them our pressure-free pivots.

Now, pressure-free pivot number one, ‘This may not be for you.’

For the first pressure-free pivot we’re removing the fear of rejection, and we are going into the transition by telling them we know that this may not be something that they’re interested in.

The person you’re speaking to isn’t going to feel pressure because you’re letting them know you realize this offer may not be for them. But best of all, we are going to create curiosity when we say it.

Everybody wants to know what other people are doing, and a lot of us have FOMO, and this is just the fear of missing out. Now this pivot entices a sense that there’s something that other people are having and just maybe it will be for me.

Now here’s how the simple pressure-free pivot sounds.

“Hey, John. Now I’m not sure that this is for you, but if you have a second, I’d like to show you how most of our clients in your situation structure their insurance coverage.”

Now the idea is we open with, I’m not sure if this is for you, but, and then you can move into whatever words you’re most comfortable with.

We’re going to let them know that we work with a lot of people and the way that most of them structure their coverage is something that we can share with them. Now, that’s not for everyone else to know, and it’s like you’re sharing a great secret and you want them to be in on it. You want them to benefit from it. So when you open up with, I’m not sure if this is for you, it takes a lot of pressure off because they can’t reject you.

You already set the stage for a potential decline of the offer. Now the customers also feel no pressure when you set it up. This way they can feel okay responding with, Yeah, no, you know, that’s really just not for me, or I’m not interested. And you can just say, That’s okay. I figured maybe it wouldn’t be.

So give it a try and let us know how it goes.

will be. And congratulations. You now have a growth mindset. And yes, mindset is everything.

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