A Lesson on Purpose: The $246,000 Used Car

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I have a friend who has reached a level in his life that many of us dream about or aspire to.

He is a multi-millionnaire. 

He shared with me that he always had a goal or dream to own a Lamborghini. And he had, in fact, reached a point in his life where he could financially afford to buy one. And so he did. 

He bought a $246,000 Lamborghini. 

He absolutely loved it. It was exciting. It was satisfying to know he could buy the car of his dreams. He loved driving it and drove it every single day. 

Well, about five to six months later, the newness had worn off. He started driving it less and less and less. 

One day he realized it had been a couple of weeks since he had driven it at all. 

He said he looked at the car, and what it had become was just another used vehicle. It was just a car. It didn’t satisfy him or fulfill him anymore. 

In fact, he found that he enjoyed driving his day-to-day truck just as much as driving the Lamborghini.

Oftentimes, we put so much value and emphasis and focus on material things. The money that is required to buy such things, like cars, jewelry, homes, boats, vacation, nice clothes… those things are important if they make you feel good… and while those things are nice, at some point they become old. The newness and excitement of anything wear off. 

What sticks with us is what we are passionate about. 

If you can identify the purpose, passion, and why in the things that you do… the reason you get up to do what you do every day, the material things are just surface needs

I relate this to when a prospect gives me an objection. They will always give us a surface response. As their Agent, we have to peel back the layers to get at the core… what is really driving them and their response?

Our purpose sticks with us long-term and helps us push through long days. 

Being aware of your ‘why’ will change the way you see rejection. 

It reframes what you will do with your success. 

Peel back the onion layers to get at your core. 

Ask 7 Times

Your purpose, passion and why will change over time. As you age and mature throughout your life, your experiences and your life stage will shape what drives you most. It’s very natural. 

So it’s important to evaluate your passion and purpose at least every five years or so. Here is the exercise I use:

This is an ideal exercise to work with a Mentor or Accountability partner on.

I ask the same question of myself 7 times.  

Ask the question: What matters to you the most?

Then expand on the question.

Ask, ‘Why?’ again. “Tell me more about that.”

And with that answer given, expand again. “Why?”

And repeat six or seven times. 

You will get to the core of what drives you. 

And I am fairly positive that at the core… what you truly want is not a quarter of a million dollar Lamborghini. 

Or a beach house. 

It goes deeper than that.

What’s the Purpose?

As an insurance agent, I’d argue that there is no greater purpose than to serve people and help them to protect against devastations that can and do occur… to properly protect them in ways they did not know they even needed. 

Our conversations with our customers involve major parts of their lives, their families, their incomes, their homes, and other property. They really are heavy and important conversations. 

Is it your purpose and passion and help them in more ways than anyone else is going to?

When helping people is at the core of why you do what you do in this business, that is what will drive you. 

Not the vacation, not the promotion that is going on, not the next day off, or even the commission check. 

Those are important, surely. But understand the ‘Why’ behind them. 

Because ultimately the quarter million dollar vehicle is just a very expensive used vehicle after the new car smell goes away. 

Write down your passion and purpose for the Agency. 

Then act in ways that align with that.


Writing about finding our passion and our ‘Why’ is a topic we are… passionate about. Check out Find Your Purpose Using These 3 Awesome Tactics for more ways to dive deep into knowing what drives you as an insurance producer.

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