How Important is After-the-Sale Follow-up?

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By IAO Coach Nicole Demma

Is the follow-up process after making your sale important?


I actually view it as more important than making that sale! (Is it OK that I said that?? Also, yes!)

What is a follow-up? 

A follow-up is used ONLY to check in with a customer you’ve sold something to ensure that they are satisfied with the process. The follow-up is NOT trying to sell anything additional.

The best time for the very first follow-up is about one week after you closed the sale with the customer.

How does following-up help strengthen the customer relationship?

Following up is all about establishing a comfort level between you and the customer. Showing continued interest in the customer’s experience with you further builds rapport and their confidence in the decision to choose you to  protect their “world.” They are not “just another customer.” This is very important for developing loyal customers. Loyal customers are the best kind of customers to have.

When you check in with the customer to ask if the solution you’ve offered is helping them solve the problems and stresses they voiced, you are communicating to them that you care; that you are actively invested in their success.

Being sincere (and diligent) in your follow-up process places you as a genuine source of help, and help with their insurance needs in the future.

Can we use a follow-up as a way to sell additional products?

While the purpose of our initial follow-up with a customer is not to sell, yes, the continued follow-up process is the perfect avenue for presenting (and hopefully selling) additional coverages.

During your follow-up touch points, and as you continue to build your relationship with your customer, always look for opportunities where you might be of further service to them.  By actively listening and learning more about your customer, you can take that opportunity to offer friendly reminders about other products your company offers that may be of benefit to them.

How can a customer follow-up grow your book of business?

In a word: Referrals!

As your customers begin to trust you to help them personally, the trust will expand to giving you referrals of people they know. Asking for a referral should never be a one-and-done process… especially with your best customers. Your continued interest in them as your customers should also include asking for referrals. And when you’ve done the job of truly caring about your customers, the referrals will become easier to obtain.

When you invest in ethically serving your customers, you’re not only building trust with them, you’re building trust with their friends, family, and other connections who might be looking for someone like you to meet their needs.


Don’t ignore or overlook the importance of the follow-up process. Right from the start, you’ll demonstrate that you care about the work you do helping people.


Plus, check out this post for more tips on asking for referrals.

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