Team-Building Activities to Transform Mundane Into Extraordinary

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As insurance agents, we spend a good amount of time talking about these words. They certainly deserve the spotlight, as they are vital to the Agency’s financial success. But, we shouldn’t solely focus on them.

As humans, we live by emotions. We want to have fun, be happy, feel appreciated, and be understood.

Production and sales numbers are significant, but they aren’t necessarily fun. They tend to be the opposite.

Tracking activities and achieving goals is necessary, of course, but it doesn’t always translate to appreciation. When you finish a big project, are you left thinking, “now what?”

To fuel the emotions and camaraderie of your team, here’s a challenge: once a week spend no more than ten minutes on numbers then jump into something fun. YES, we said FUN!

Give your team a break from the ordinary and everyday topic of insurance and engage in team-building activities. When your team feels connected, their production will naturally increase. And more so, they will begin to challenge each other in competitive and fun ways.

Here are five team-building activities to engage your team and turn the mundane into the extraordinary:

1. “Fill the Bucket.”

This one is a classic team-building exercise. Sit around a table and simply start by turning to the person on your left and saying something nice about them. That person then turns to their left and does the same. Once you go around the room once to the left, switch to the right. There is power in kindness. People love to hear a compliment and the person giving the compliment will feel fulfilled, too.

2. “Fun Fact.”

Have each person write down a fun or interesting fact about themselves that they don’t believe anybody else would know. Throw them in a bucket. Then, add a few fictitious/outrageous statements (keep them clean and legal) to the bucket as well. Pull each slip of paper one by one. Read them aloud and have the team right down which person they think belongs to which statement. In the end, each person reads their answers and the laughter (and stories) will begin.

3. “Leave the Island.” 

Sometimes people just need a change of scenery. Hold your meeting offsite. Perhaps it’s breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner. Maybe it’s a murder mystery, a game of laser tag, or racing go-karts. The easiest way to spark interest in a meeting and make it fun is to get out of the office. When you keep doing the same, you’ll keep getting the same results.

4. “Picture This.” 

Schedule a meeting where everybody brings in old/embarrassing pictures of themselves. Trust me, nothing creates more laughter at a team meeting than pictures of the boss in 1992 with a mustache and a mullet.

5. “Pay It Forward.” 

Call your team meeting an hour before you open.  Hand each team member a specific amount of cash (however much you are comfortable with), $10, $20, $50, $100… it’s up to you. Tell each team member they must leave the office and they must use that cash to make improve somebody else’s day (they can’t spend it on themselves).  And they only get 45 minutes for this exercise. When the group returns to the office, spend 15 minutes sharing what each person did with the money. You’ll be amazed at how kind, generous, and thoughtful your team is. Their stories will help your team members learn about each other and their respect for one another will grow.

We know that at the end of the day, your production numbers are what keeps your doors open. But what keeps those doors open longer is the energy inside those four walls.

By continually creating an atmosphere where people are comfortable, they will naturally strive to succeed. And, seeing your peers succeed amongst you fuels your motivation and drive for success.

So go… implement these team-building activities at your Agency and watch the mundane transform into the extraordinary. We would love for you to report back and let us know how things go.


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