Personal Accountability in 3 Simple Steps

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personal accountability

Are you ready to start the new year strong but unsure exactly how?

Do you have goals in mind but aren’t sure how to set them in motion?

The first step, as the new year begins, is to commit to personal accountability: making a promise to yourself, your team, and your Agency to be reliable and determined to meet goals for the year. 

How exactly, though, do you hold yourself accountable? 

Let’s start with the power of the compound effect. We should never focus solely on our end-of-year goals. That will almost always lead to frustration when we don’t see big accomplishments happen quickly.

But, focusing on the small daily wins lets you manage your goals and stay on track. When we frequently acknowledge small wins they compound into pretty significant results over time.

Now… for the process of holding yourself accountable. 

Thinking is a dream

Writing transforms into a goal

Verbalizing becomes a commitment

One major setback with accountability is that we tend to overthink it. We overthink it because we think there’s some magic way about it. We believe there is some system we need to buy into. But really, the process is simple.

Step 1

Writing. Whatever ideas are in your head are dreams until you write them down. The process of writing the ideas down turns them into goals.

Step 2

Verbalize. Say your goals for the day out loud. Better yet, tell them to someone! Tell your office mate, your team leader… anyone else in your office. By doing this, you are making a spoken commitment to yourself and your team. 

By vocalizing your goals to a peer, you begin the process of personal accountability.

You can even take it a step further and partner up with someone in the office as accountability partners. At the beginning of each day, verbalize your daily goals to each other. When the workday is nearly complete, regroup and ask what your partner they have accomplished. 

Step 3

Action. You verbalized your goal to someone. In this business, we share a desire to win and not fail. Now, you will work hard to get that thing done because you committed to somebody else, “this is what I’m going to do.” 

Using our Essential List technique, prioritize your day with the top one, two, or three things you need to accomplish to achieve the daily goal(s). 

By following these three steps your personal accountability will begin to take shape. Your daily wins will compound month over month and you’ll realize positive results with your goals. 


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Is your agency optimized?

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  • Having team meetings
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Staying on top of industry updates

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