It’s Time to WIG Out: 4 Steps to Get Laser-Focused on Your Wildly Important Goal

2023-04-28T12:55:31-04:00April 30th, 2023|Customer Experience, Mindset|
With Agent and IAO Coach Kira Schnell-Harrison
Length: 3:09

Have you ever “wigged out?” Well, it’s time.

We don’t mean in the anxious fretting way. We’re talking about your Wildly Important Goal—your W.I.G.

In this episode, Agent Kira Schnell-Harrison walks through the four steps to help you set and get laser-focused on your W.I.G. and what this means for your Agency.


wildly important goal


Have you ever heard the phrasing ‘wig out?’ Well, if you haven’t ever heard it, allow me to use it in context for you.

Typically, it’s used in the context of freaking out. So as an example, it would be, “Hey Linda, no need to WIG out over this.”

Let’s flip the script a bit because I want you to wig out. I want you to identify your WIG, a wildly important goal, and zero in on it, putting all of your focus toward it. Once you have clearly identified your WIG, that is what you should be laser-focused on.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, okay, well how do I set my WIG and execute it? So we’re going to break it down into four easy steps for you.

Step one is to identify your goal. This should be something that gets you excited and scared all at the same time.

Step two, you’re going to identify your lead indicators.

All too often, people are so results-focused, and I think too much about the leg indicators to determine if they were successful or not. What I want you to do is flip that and challenge you to focus on the lead indicators. So, knowing that you have to do these specific tasks and that will lead you to success. Think about it as a snowball, and as you roll that snow, it’s going to get bigger and bigger as it’s getting rolled forward. That’s the same thing as your lead indicators.

Step three, create a scoreboard. Yes, you can look at numbers on your screen. It is 2023, and people can look at their screens in order to get all the information. But there’s something exciting about having a scoreboard or a chart that you physically walk up to color in a box and update numbers on with a marker, a pen, or a pencil, and it has a greater impact on you because it’s visually in front of you and it creates a positive reinforcement for you and for your team.

So, step four is going to be accountability. If you ever set a goal for yourself and try to go at it alone, you may fail miserably at it, but when you have an accountability partner, this person will be your biggest cheerleader and they will make sure that you are following through with what you committed to doing.

So, by spending a few minutes working through these four steps to creating your WIG (wildly important goal). I know and am very confident that you are going to seek great success. I would love to hear what your wig is and how myself and the agency optimization team can best help and support you as you chase down your wig.

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