5 Core Beliefs to Increase Life Sales

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As insurance providers, there are things we must believe in order to deliver value when speaking about the products we sell. To improve and grow your Life insurance sales, indoctrinate yourself into these five Life insurance beliefs.

First, a Life insurance policy is the single best instrument for providing a safety net for the two economic dangers that confront every prospect.

  • Living too long – Am I going to outlive my money? 
  • Dying too soon – Am I going to live long enough to make money and take care of my family?

Here is where Life insurance comes into play. We turn dimes into dollars–that’s the magic of it! 

Life insurance is the only instrument that allows our customers to tailor their bet, so to speak, to their personal situation. 

If a prospect believes they will not live as long as the average person, they purchase a short-term policy. If they believe the opposite, and want to ensure all of their expenses are taken care of, then a permanent policy is best.

Second of the Life insurance beliefs is you must believe that the products you sell are worth more value to your buyer than any commission you could ever earn. It is all about the customer… the person in front of you! 

Never is the work we do about our agenda, commission, or bonuses. You must be sold on your job, your products, and your ability to perform. Once those key pieces are in place, the rest takes care of itself. 

Know the value of the products and services you are offering and believe they have a place in your customers’ lives.

There is a great analogy: don’t be the plumber with the broken toilet! 

If you are going to talk about and recommend Life insurance, you must believe in them yourself. Owning your own Life insurance policy will help that belief. Adversely, if you do not believe in or have your own Life policy you could come across as phony.

Third, believe that you should set realistic goals. Do not sell yourself short by maintaining the small every day goals and not shooting for the larger ones you wish to accomplish. It’s OK to think bigger. 

Fourth of the Life insurance beliefs: time is money! Learning to manage your time productively will be one of your most profitable achievements. Time blocking is one of the most efficient ways to manage time throughout the day. Do not get sucked into reactionary things going on around you. 

Challenge yourself to focus on the most important tasks within your role for an hour or two a day. Focus on finding more opportunities, holding more appointments, and having more quality conversations.

A good bit of advice is to keep it simple and stay consistent with your process. 

Prospects buy not necessarily because they understand the products completely but because they believe that you, the Agent, understand them, their problems, and the things they want to accomplish. 

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. If your prospects get to know you, like you and trust you, they will buy from you. The product becomes secondary. Believe it or not, they buy into you, so sell yourself first. 

Lastly, believe that top producers are ordinary people with extraordinary determination to make every occasion a great occasion. Top producers all have common-denominator success habits, which are consistencypersistence, and the understanding that we operate in a high-value business

The more quality conversations we have, the more contacts we make, and the more sales we will make. 

So the questions become:

How many hours are you going to time block?

How many calls are you going to make? 

How many follow-ups are you going to make? 

How many appointments are you going to hold? 

Track those leading indicators, and you will see results.

These five beliefs will set you up for constant and continued success every time.


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