20 Tips to Help Boost Your Confidence in Insurance Sales- Part I

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When we don’t have confidence, what can happen? In a sales conversation, we can freeze up, lose our thoughts, and have a hard time getting through the encounter.

And chances are, we don’t make the sale that time.

But there are some great examples of how to continue taking action responsibly and instill confidence in ourselves no matter what business cycle or disruption we may face.

In this series, we share 20 powerful ways to create confidence.

The more of these you practice, the more of a leadership role you’ll attain.

Tip No. 1: Be True to Yourself

Trying to be something you’re not won’t come off as being confident, no matter how hard you try.

If there’s something that you see working for someone else but doesn’t “feel” like you, figure out how to adjust it to make it more “you”. Be authentic about your feelings.

You don’t need to be made of steel to succeed in today’s environment. You need to be relatable, and people react to and even appreciate a breadth of emotions. It’s okay to make yourself vulnerable sometimes.

Tip No. 2: Role Play

Today’s environment requires new ways to talk to people.

The more you practice new and/or adjusted scripts, the more confidence you’ll convey.

If you’re the one who always says you’re “too busy to role-play”, you have struggled as our way of doing business has been forced to adapt. Now is the perfect time to find a partner and practice! Trust us, you’ll get used to it (and soon realize the benefits)!

Tip No. 3: Take Your MEDS

If you’re not taking care of yourself and you’re sluggish as a result, you will NOT instill confidence in others. So take your “MEDS” by Meditating, Exercising, watching your Diet, and getting enough Sleep.

Tip No. 4: Lean into the Ecosystem

By now we’ve learned how to communicate virtually with our teams and our customers.

Embracing technology shows others that you are not on an island but rather committed to learning and putting best practices in place with everything you do.

The best part is that we have ALL been put into the same situation and in some ways, have come out better for it — we are all human and we all face challenges that we can embrace together. Now that’s a confidence builder!

Tip No. 5: Don’t Operate from Fear

Fear leads to anxiety, and anxiety is a deal-killer.

Even if you make yourself vulnerable, as mentioned in Tip #1, try not to appear fearful. Embrace the fact that your goal is to help others – people helping people. Accepting that down-to-earth fact can help boost confidence.

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