insurance report

We can leverage our insurance reports to transition and upsell our customers. My favorite report is the Policies Billed Previous WeekThis report gives us the opportunity to call on our customers who recently renewed their coverage to arrange an IFR appointment—the Insurance Financial Review.

Tackling the Policies Billed Previous Week report requires a bit of strategy. In this article, I share my simple strategy that can help your team focus their time on the customers that have the most potential for upselling.

Step one in the process is to create an avatar—a persona of your ideal customer.

What attributes does this person have? Some attributes may include things like:


          Has a family

          Has good credit

          Has not had many claims

          Owns ‘toys’ like a boat

          Is a loyal customer

          Understand the value of insurance

You’ll create an avatar with the qualities that you rate the highest in your market. This will look different across markets.


Step two is to look at your customers on the Policies Billed Previous Week insurance report and assign them a grade: A-B-C.

A Customer – This customer aligns perfectly with your avatar. They check all of the boxes for your ideal customer.

B Customer – This customer falls somewhere in the middle; they check some of the boxes in your list describing the ideal customer.

C Customer – This customer is nearly the opposite of your ideal customer and those you don’t necessarily want to contact.


Step three in the process is to start calling the customers from the report, according to their assigned grade. 

The goal of the call is to set an appointment to ensure they have all of the adequate coverages in place to be protected when they need it most (at claim time).

The approach with the “A Customers” is aggressive.

Call on each of these customers and make follow-up calls. With this “A” group you’ll stress the importance of meeting with them.

There are multiple ways you can tackle the list. Some may choose to call their list every year. For some Agencies, every other year makes more sense.

At my Agency, we call every year. A lot can happen in a person’s life over the course of a year: new home, new children, new job, other big purchases, etc. We aim to review the needs of our best customers once every year to ensure we offer them everything they could need.

If you don’t reach the customer when you call, leave a voicemail. In our voicemail, we state that if we don’t hear back in a day or two that we will follow up with them. And then, you have to follow up. We follow up with a phone call, and, if allowed, we send an email and a text.

Our business is different than other businesses. With most businesses, you are in front of your regular customers all the time. Not in the insurance world. We almost never get to see our best customers.

That is why we have to train them—get them used to doing the annual review.

You might be wondering what our pitch is. How do we stress the importance of the call we’d like to have? There are a few key points that we point out in our call to set the review appointment.

Remember, we are in the business of reselling. It is our job to remind people of the VALUE we can offer them.

“Joe, I imagine you see your dentist a couple of times a year. You get your oil changed several times a year. You probably see the doctor at least once a year. All these are things you have to do at least once a year.

As your insurance agent, we’re protecting your assets… like your current money, your future money, your home and auto, and most importantly, your family.  

If you’re doing those other things on a routine basis, talking to your insurance agent once a year should be equally as important – to be sure the right coverage is in place to protect you. That’s why we’d love to sit down for 15 minutes to go over everything.”


Moving on to the “B Customer” group.

We still make a call to this group of customers. We always explain how thankful we are that they choose us as their insurance provider. We give the same explanation as to why it is in their best interest to do a quick review of their coverage—that we should make sure their coverage is keeping up with the pace of their life. In a quick 10-minute call, we can ensure they are in good standing with their coverage.

If they don’t’ call back, we don’t follow up.

For some Agencies, you may choose to follow up. The follow-up call will depend on the size of your book of business. If you have a smaller book, you may want to follow up on them. But, if your Policies Billed Previous Week report is 20-30 pages, making the first calls will be time-consuming. Follow-up calls might be best reserved for your “A Customers.”


The Policies Billed Previous Week is a robust report that gives you ample opportunity to get in touch with your best customers.

Work like crazy to get in front of your “A Customers,” whether in person or by phone appointment. They are your gold mine to pivot to new coverages.

Lastly, your employees who are on the service side, in a sales support role, or who are not yet licensed can work on this report, making calls and scheduling the appointments for your licensed Agents. This is an especially good tactic for larger Agencies. They can do the calls and set appointments for someone who is licensed.